Visa | NFL #Myfootballfantasy

Visa's NFL sponsorship is all about bringing fans closer to the game. So we challenged fans to share their #MyFootballFantasy for a chance that it might come true. The fully integrated campaign not only took home a bronze Clio, it resulted in Visa’s most successful NFL promotion in the past 25 years.

Some of the fantasy fulfillment content:


Kelly’s #MyFootballFantasy — Clay Matthews as guest-of-honor at her daughter’s tea party. Fantasy granted.


Doug D’s #MyFootballFantasy: “The ultimate Panthers fan-mobile & tailgate.” Fantasy granted. Doug is now king of the road – and the parking lot.

Kelly’s #MyFootballFantasy — have Clay Matthews show her son how to play with the big boys. Fantasy granted

Mike wanted to face off against some Buffalo Bills in a wing-eating competition. And left a pile of players and bones in his wake. Fantasy granted.


Some posts from throughout the season: